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Vote for jeezy [EU]

I will candidate for the 2020/S04 Komodo Notary Elections with my single EU node. This node has been maintained smooth and stable over the years. It is running since the very beginning of Komodo in 2015/2016. When time allows I try to help the Komodo community were possible thru setting up testservers, debugging or just answering questions. I have been a long time follower of James’ projects and believe in his spirit. I was one of the very first to get in on this project and I intend to stay on it for as long as I can, helping it grow wherever possible.

I would be honored to count on your vote and help me ensure the stability and security of the network, thank you.

Quick facts:



2020/S04 Addr info

+++++++ JEEZY_EU 2019 KMD KEY +++++++
Pubkey: 034ba67fff0408fde71bbc48e864b7a02b3a728d9e6c0a7d0bc1fc80bcec124af6
Komodo: RVhMbNPxEyMtkwoFF5MiqvxGRySEXcqBBM
Bitcoin: 1MRAWrWfe9ZKgwS3muNbkQd4fhydx5Qyn7
+++++++ JEEZY_EU 2019 3P KEY +++++++
Pubkey: 02bbecca0edaa4844d70918185575489b1c8f93a414d45042ba4e93a45727fbf8c
Komodo: RTSCt76dtxotYzLKis3pkYZFvR1fLMJYWw
Bitcoin: 1KA1obDMJ91KUyy8Fh4hf2E4A9Z4hhzRBM

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Thank you for your consideration